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My Sharky~

"I will just be here, until your heart stops beating.."

Sorry for the long absence.

I have been so busy the last month that i haven't been blogging. but i promise, this time i would be more enthusiatic and all. Don't kill me.

Anyway, i posted some entries on the other pages..feel free to read them.

Bye! Need to fly now!

Here we are again.

The return of the comeback. LOLz.

I so can't understand why, but I can't seem to find a way to tell you what I wanna say. Nah, just kidding! Uh, know kidding? Okay..blah.

I decided to add a page in this "soon-to-be-BORING" blog. Or if it's still, "soon-to-be" to you.

Anyway, just check it out. Bye.


It's been long, and it would still be.

LOL. I have been quite for some time now, have you noticed? I just don't have the time and the drive to write a 'good' blog, if that's what you're looking for. Anyways, I am here to just put an end to the last quarter, and NO, I'm not necessarily the one to decide when it would end or start, this is just like a 'Goodbye' blog for the last quarter and a 'Welcome' to the 4th quarter. So, to summarize all that, this is a bookmark. Or, better say..BLOG MARK.

Need to fly now, see yah some other, better time.



Goodbye blogger, Hello weebly!

So basically, I got thrown out of blogger. Or should I say, I left? Because of some "cookie". Yes, I got out because of some random "cookie" problem. Haha, i know it's a bit confusing. Just don't ask, because honestly I don't know.

Let's just look at it this way, I was welcomed warmly in blogger but I am not enjoying the stay so I need to look for another place to stay. Now, this is my new home. Thanks to weebly for welcoming me in here. :D

Anyways, as I have said I'm new in the community, and as a newbie, i would say the people in here are treating me nicely. They've got some interesting stuffs in store for me, which I couldn't probably do in blogger.LOL. Not that I am being so anti-blogger, but I just don't like it there. Maybe I would just forget about those not so good things and look forward to what I could do not that I am here. Go Weebly!

From now on, I would be writing blogs in here, and please do visit me here. It's more accessible than blogger. [There I go again]

If you want to make your own weebly account, there's a link at the bottom part of this page.

Hope you enjoy!

Bye for now.

Thank God It’s Over!

So, firstly, I wanna say ‘HAPPY HOLIDAYS!’ to all. I’m a bit late, just a bit. I mean, you know me, I tend to forget things.. and as per usual, be late. At least I greeted you, or should I say, I made a post for the holidays.

Anyways. So how did everything go for me? Well, not much action actually. Just days of burning agony. LOL. I tend to be dramatic talking about these things. Because, again, I didn’t freakin enjoy my vacation! …or, if it is to be called that way. You know, it isn’t even a vacation for me. I thought, being out of school, I could do something cool. But in my distress, it didn’t end up like that. It’s more of..err..i would say, out of school and in hell. Seriously!

Like, last New Year [I dunno why I capitalize it, but you know, it isn’t even a big deal for me. Maybe it’s a proper noun?] I was jumping up and down because at last, 2008 is freakin over! *yeah*

2008, is obviously not a very good year for me, actually, not even a good one. It’s a stage of emotional suffering and a lot more. I didn’t even enjoy a vacation this 2008. It’s all work for me. Summer was ok, not much heat, as I would expect. Mangoes are the only thing that made it work. I didn’t get to drown.. err.. I mean to swim.

So I expected the semestral break to be some kind of, err.. action packed, but hell no.. it didn’t. I had research, which unfortunately, didn’t end up really good. My efforts are wasted. Like, it’s blown by the wind.. and I didn’t even get to enjoy the feel. God, I’m so emo. [Well at least I have rational reasons to be one.]

Still, I waited patiently for the Holiday break, ‘coz I was thinking that this could actually be the bomb of my year. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to stay at home because of some family traditions. I went to my Grandma’s house in the mountains, where there is no freakin internet! There’s even no computer! Could you imagine how exactly that feels like? Oh my God, nine days of pure torture. I even get chills just remembering those cold days. *shivers*

Anyways, it’s the NEW YEAR [is it obvious that I am happy? Euphoric actually.] so I expect some good things happening to me this year. I hope 2009, unlike 2008, will be kinder to me. I deserve it, nonetheless. LOL.

I just wish every one a great year. I hope all of us get’s some awesome things comin up. Enjoy the rest of the vacation. And it’s never too late to give me a gift. I accept check or cash, it doesn’t really bother me at all. LOL.

Xx_Peace Out_xX

My Website

Hello! So i decided to make a website for things I wanna share. Please do visit me and get some updates.

Bye for now!


"Because I am the best and you can't disagree."
you dare not.