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Pambura sa Ulo

March 7. Mark it.
"Oh Dyos ko! Ano ba naman ito!Diba! Tang ina!Nagmuka akong tanga!Pinaasa nya lang ako!Lecheng pag-ibig 'to!Oh Dyos ko!"

~Pare ko, Eraserheads

There would be another milestone in history. Another Eraserheads concert is heating up. I just can't imagine the number of people who would be there. I honestly wanna be there myself, but I am a bit doubtful about my schedule. Scratch that, to be extremely honest, i don't know if i have the capabiity of going [as if i'm handicapped of something]. Haha.

I love their music, and their *mouth left open* [c'mon think of something smart!]...just everything! lol. They are like, legends, just people you look up to because they're great, and cool and just plain simple. I think that's what made them stand out. You don't see them wearing bizzare outfits, weird hairstyles, thick eyeliners and such. You won't even give a damn until you hear them sing, or rather, hear their songs. lol.

And just FYI, i don't believe that they are having the reunion for money. They are smart human beings, and they won't do things as foolish as that. Believe me [not begging, just FYI].

i don't care about what you think. I'm gonna go, if i could. lol.

It would be a sure hit. *ugh*

Meeting in the Middle.

"I am Benjamin Button.. and I am born under extraordinary circumstances."

Last Monday, as soon as I got the DVD I have long been asking my friend Camille to lend me, I sat on the sofa and started watching this weird [but in a good way] movie which had been on my mind for the past week. I was bugged by the constant question in my mind, since the day I found out about the said film. I promised myself that I am gonna watch it as soon as it hits the cinemas. But since my friend already got a DVD, why make myself suffer when I have it in my hand? So I decided to just borrow it, and the next thing I knew, I was munching some crackers and starting to watch the movie.

So, why am I so intrigued? One, because it's not your cliche story which starts with childhood. Well, actually it was..but nah, it's not your teeny type of drama. It has substance. And that is what I am craving for. Second, it stars one of my favorite [over the top FAVORITE, note it.] actor in Hollywood, Brad Pitt. It had been, like more than a year since he had a film. So, this film has got me drooling in excitement. Third, it's written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Who in the world is this guy? He's a great author, I am so telling you. He's great, that is why, the movie is great.

The movie lasted for more or less, 3 hours. I was literally squealing throughout the film. It was intense and charismatic and amazing. Or should i put the charismatic as a description of Brad Pitt. He was growing younger in this film so I was like, "c'mon Brad show up!" because I was waiting for Brad Pitt when he was in his 20s. Not that he didn't look good as an old man, just not as attractive as when he's younger. I would always say that he's one of the most gorgeous guys I have seen.

And, oh..did you catch the phrase "He was growing younger in this film" on the last paragraph? Yes, you read it right. Brad is growing younger. Weird? yes it is.

Just watch it, I don't want to be a spoiler okay?

and you'll find out why i entitled it as such. (see title.)

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