Because I am a notorious slacker.

So okay, basically, this page would contain stuffs about school and hell. *opps* School and life around the corner. I don't really know ok? Just read and find out yourself!


“Prom is like an event wherein you eat and dance? I’m in!”

This year we are gonna have this not-so-usual happening in our school. Luckily, we were allowed to have this little celebration, or if it is a celebration. Anyway, we all join, some voluntarily  and you could really see they are so excited [as if it would last long], some or should I say most, just wanted to try or experiment. As if they would need it to live.

But anyway [another way], we started practicing for the event one month before the date. I was late [as usual] during the first day of the practice, and no..they didn’t really kill me, and honestly I don’t thin they are bothered. It was a long day, really tiring and all. It wasn’t the sassy, fun and care-free event I thought it would be, but it was nice. More challenge, more fun!

The next two practices though, I wasn’t able to attend because of some complicated stuffs [conscience: c’mon, tell the truth, it won’t hurt!]. But to be extremely honest, I didn’t want to attend..because I am so damn tired in the house and I don’t want to go to school with the poker face. I mean, when you dance, you’ve got to have the right attitude, and during the last sessions, I don’t think, or should I say, I KNOW I don’t have the right attitude. Hate to say it though.

But during the fourth session, I managed to attend. Or else, I won’t be able to dance anymore. I need lots of practice, though. I was screwing everything of course. The ‘Line Dance’ which I haven’t heard of, was luckily repeated, or else I would be on the ‘line’.

This is becoming so long now, need to cut this crap right now..

I’m excited now, hear my heartbeat? Lol. I wonder how everything would end up. I hope I ends nicely, or it could never end, that would be nice too.

That’s it. Don’t worry, I’ll be writing about the results soon.

Lubb u much,




Special thanks to Ma’am May for all the efforts. It really means a lot. =)

Ryan Seacrest

I will make this blog as short as possible. I am so running out of time so I gotta fly. Lol. Anyway, let’s get straight to the point on this one.

This is the shortest singing competition I have ever seen in my entire life..or not. I just hate the fact that they rushed this one, when it shouldn’t be rushed [as if this blog is any different from that]. But considering the mere fact that in reality, the American Idol competition lasts for like 3 months, and this one lasted for only 3 weeks, which is really disappointing. Another thing is that some of the contestants were just like pulled and then were forced to join. I hate to say it but that is how I see what happened. They would stand on the stage and the eager audience would expect for something great, and would get something not-so-great. I’m kind enough to put it that way, it is much worse though.

We were entertained nonetheless, because there were some talents. Like Czareenah [if that is the correct spelling], who rocked the stage and the gymnasium when she sang ‘This is Mine Now’ by Jordin Sparks. It’s sad though, because another girl won. But she indeed left something remarkable. And honestly, she’s the only one I could remember from that competition. I’m a bit good at screening out not-so-good memories. Lol.

So that’s it for that. I gotta make some more blogs. Ciao!


"You love me, And I hate you. I'm right, You're wrong. MOVE ON!"
- 'Move On' by The Jonas Brothers

I have been hating things recently..honestly, that includes school. I don't know why, maybe I'm a little exhausted. Which is probably normal, still.

Thanks to those who hate me. At least I have the reason to hate you back.


I can't attend much onto this crap. I have lots of things to do. I have tons of stuffs to pass. I forgot to finish this, and that..and oh..also that!! WHAT the EFFIN Earth!! I hate this.

Sorry if I am bragging about my being irresponsible here on the internet. I just have to let things out..maybe this is the best way to do such. So, I just made this page like..a couple of breathes ago..enjoy the stay, though I don't have anything enjoying to offer. Please do leave comments, HATE comments, LOVE comments..or even SARCASTIC ones. Or just don't bother because I really don't care, well, I do...seriously, so go ahead.

Sorry for confusing you. lol. I love doing that.

I soo hate you. lol.



Psycho ward, 4th floor. They're looking for you. Hurry up!

Taking Responsibilities.

"Great power comes great responsibilities..."

Was that too cliche? I guess so, well, i think it would and should the first place.

What do you think this blog would be like? Like an emo blog of some sort? Or like those other cheery [LOL. like most of my blogs are] ones? I'd say..this would be a little bit of both.


I hate that word actually. Like what my great friend, tomy said.."I hate emo because they are just wasting their time hating the world...", "which couldn't [and wouldn't] hate them back..." I added. LOL. We agree sometimes.

But this blog might be a little emo, and i just wanna make it clear..that if this blog turns out to be a little [i'll try to keep it only a little] emo, it's not intended. Bare with me.

Okay I'm gonna start being emo now...*slouch*..*sobs*..*slits wrist*..*dies*.. [blog shuts down]

Nah..that's not a good it? It isn't, i know. There is no writer alive who made his/her main character die that way. Shakespeare is such a good tragedy writer that sometimes I think he deserve to have a more tragic know, just to make it a little interesting..maybe his life would also be a hit, his last hit.

Oh I forgot..this have to be an emo blog. Ok, honestly, I wasn't liking my grades last quarter so I think i need to be more serious with my studies considering that I am gonna be on college next year and it's freaking me out. I don't wanna bring low [below the ground low] grades in college, that would be a bit devastating. Now you see me EMO.

I won't be on much and all my online communities would be left barren for a while..for a WHILE. I hope i could go back to onlining soon. And i know you too wish for that.

I still need to do so many stuffs so I think I better go. Don't worry I won't stop posting blogs, since this is a is still in my "TO DO LIST". Anyway, bye for now.



This is from my previous blog, original date posted: Saturday, November 15, 2008

"I never let my schooling interfere with my education."