Fuck. Shit. Damn. Hell. Crap.

Where HATING is a requirement.


I speak SARCASM as my second language.

If it's a disease..i'm stage 4, or worse. lol. You couldn't, and wouldn't just get me. I mean, i speak of it so frequently that i sound so fluent.lol.

Why am I so proud to be sarcastic? Because, it requires higher level of intelligence, which roughly means, I am technically more genius than blah [i can't just imagine a number which would be enough] percent of the population. I mean, of the human specie. You didn't just compare me to hyenas, did you?

And as I was saying that, or rather writing in this specific case,  another question comes up. Admit it, you wanna ask me. "Why not be tactful? It's a better label!" Uh-huh. Nah, thanks. I prefer sarcastic. Because tactful? Tactful is for people who aren't witty enough to be sarcastic.

And did I just sound so proud, again? Deal with it, because you're gonna get some more. I mean, what's so bad with sarcasm? Just FYI, it's nature's natural defense against stupidity. If you don't mind me saying that. *flips*

Another reason of my being sarcastic [think of another word for 'sarcastic' so i'll not repeat it over and over] is that i can't say my thought/feelings/ideas/theories/laws straight forward. Don't brag bout your brain man, they're not worth it. Sarcasm [there it goes again] keeps you from telling people, what you really think of them.

Irony [another brilliant word] would go with me too. I mean, it could work. But i still prefer the 'S' word. lol. Sarcasm I mean, not sex you pervert. That would be discussed by your little-miss-Doctor-Sarcastic here, in another blog post.

Irony is a narrower word for sarcasm. Narrower in many unexplainable ways. Not that I can't explain them, i just won't bother, you won't get it anyway. *lol* Hear me laughing?

This blog is starting to be a little pointless and long. I just have to stop now, before I start bashing. By the way, SARCASM is just one of the services I offer.

Enjoy me.

Because everybody thinks the world doesn't need HATE.